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Brown Paper Fox

BPF Essentials Procreate Brush Pack

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You’ve loved our illustrations so I’ve brought you a brush pack! This brush pack features all the brushes we use for our illustrations and have been built with our whimsy pencil crayon style in mind for Procreate. I created this set of brushes to replicate the pencil/crayon look you’d get with traditional mediums. These brushes have a ton of texture and layer incredibly well to get a very natural hand drawn look. I really wanted to capture the texture you’d get with a crayon on a nice textured sketchbook - stunning natural texture.

**Kit includes 12 brushes to be used in Procreate.**

Optimized for use with the Apple Pencil. Perfect for illustration and hand-lettering on Procreate.

Created in Procreate V.5

**Bonus** Colour Palette included. This palette was used in all our illustrations in the listing.

*All illustrations in the photos were created with the BPF Essentials Brush Kit*