Viva Las Vegas!

I cannot believe I have already been home for 3 days already from what felt like a mini whirlwind vacation. Last weekend my boyfriend and I hopped on a plane and flew to Las Vegas - for our first ever Vegas trip! Needless to say - we were excited.


After many recommendations from avid Vegas goers we opted to stay at the Aria Resort and Casino located right on the Vegas strip - and in my honest opinion was a perfect location for what we wanted to do. The hotel was fairly new and the amenities were fantastic. Hotel staff was friendly and went above and beyond for us our entire stay.

On Monday we walked a short distance to the PBR Rockbar to grab one of their viral 100 oz Super Yard Cocktails - truly summarizes Vegas' decadence in drink form. PS - the Southern Hospitality is delicious and refreshing (and of course alcoholic).

That evening we went to see Cirque Du Soleil's Mystere show at Treasure Island. Which was both amazing and awe struck - the strength and endurance these performers have is mind boggling. I definitely want to try to see more Cirque shows in the future - any suggestions?


Tuesday involved a brief stint with the rental car (don't book your Vegas rental car on Expedia) - and a long drive out to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon - but really - how can you not take in these views. In your mind you may think you understand just how big it is - but you really don't until you stand there and realize you can't see one end or the other in almost every direction.

Wednesday involved a brief walk to Top Golf located at MGM Grand. I am by no means a golfer - I haven't even held or swung a golf club in 14 years but it was so much fun. It combines a driving range with a virtual simulator and it's just a good time to grab a drink and try your best to at least hit the ball (lol).

After a nice long swim (something I already miss being able to do now back in Canada) - we headed to Luxor for dinner and to see Blue Man Group. What an insanely fun show. The music is awesome - the performance is awesome - you can't help but laugh and dance the whole time.

All in all - Vegas was a ton of fun and I think everyone should experience it once it their life.

What is your favourite thing to do in Vegas?

If you've never been - what is something you'd love to do?

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