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I have always been a hobby photographer. I would never label myself as a photographer nor do I think people should hire me to do so. I do however adore taking landscape and architecture shots. Always have - always will. 

Now, this stemmed something I hadn't really considered before - making a photo book. 

In 2016 I went to Ireland and took so many amazing photos of their beautiful country - yet the photos sat in a folder on my computer. Then in February of this year, I went to Vegas and decided - let's put these in a small photo book so not only can I flip through them whenever I would like, but others can do the same as well. 

With this revelation, I decided I would give Blurb a shot. I had known about them since I was in college (I often contemplated getting a children's book done) but had never taken the leap to get a book actually printed. 

Now - Blurb offers many different options on how to design your book, and in many cases, I would have used one of their InDesign templates but for time's sake, I decided I would use their online book designer. 

Inside of Vegas Blurb Book done by Brown Paper Fox 

I do have to say, making a photo book with their builder was a breeze. Drag and Drop features make it so simple and straightforward and their preview function lets you flip through the book to see if the flow works to your liking. 

For my particular books I used the following:

  • 7" by 7"
  • Hardcover Image Wrap
  • Premium Paper, Lustre Finish

I went with their recommendations for paper - as I wanted the images to stand out and look sharp. In person, they look amazing. The quality of the books is impeccable and well worth the $30 I paid for each.

Inside of Ireland Blurb Book from Brown Paper Fox

Overall, I found the service to be easy to use, amazing quality, and fast production time. 

If you're looking to buy a one of a kind book, or even self-publish a book of your own - I highly recommend using Blurb. Publish and Sell Your Book With Blurb


Also, if you are interested in having a copy of my Ireland book shown in this post you can purchase it from Blurb yourself here:

Ireland Photo Book
Ireland Photo ...
By Kelsey Inkol
Photo book


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