Kickstarter Update: A Huge Thank You!

I am beyond excited to announce our Kickstarter was able to reach its fundraising goal and then some! Allowing us to produce our new keychains, patch and three out of the five floral pins!

I was absolutely blown away with the support the campaign received and I cannot wait to see these come to fruition. 

This really allows me to bring so many more of my ideas to the table and allows me to continually offer you new products without the financial strain on my own personal finances.

I plan on launching a new Kickstarter mid-may - which I held a vote for over on Instagram. The vote was overwhelmingly in favour of some Badass Girl Boss stuff so I plan on launching some new pins and patches for this! Shortly after I will also be bringing some new origami animals to the table! 

Long story short with this post, however, is I simply want to say "Thank You" - thank you for allowing me to do what I love. Thank you for investing in my business. Thank you for supporting my creative journey. You rock!

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