Kickstarter is Live! Inspiring and Uplifting Hard Enamel Pins

I am so excited to announce our second Kickstarter campaign and we are so excited!

Kickstarter allows me to fund all the upcoming projects that I want to bring to the forefront and offers you some amazing perks for participating in the project! 

However, the thing with Kickstarter is it is an all or nothing project - which means if we don't raise the pledge amount - nothing gets put into production and you aren't charged for any product. 

To learn more about how Kickstarter works click here.


This Kickstarter is the "Pinspirational" collection. Thank you to everyone who sent in names for this collection. If you want to follow this campaign along as well as participate in future polls you can follow me on Instagram, here.

Above you will see the sticker design that you will receive as a backer. All backers of the campaign will receive this sticker as a thank you! 

The first tier to unlock is $350 CAD and unlocks this pin below - the "Certified Crown Fixer" rose gold hard enamel pin.

Once this is unlocked we have a variety of tiers to unlock the rest of the pins from the collection. 

The best part is if you purchase quickly you receive up to $8 OFF depending on your reward selection! Limited availability.

Click the link here to find out more information about the campaign and to get your pin today!



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