I'm Leaving... On A Jet Plane

Bags are packed - tickets are bought. I am leaving - but only for a vacation.

On September 21 I will be off to bonnie Scotland! 

Another bucket list country of mine (previous countries included England and Ireland) - my mom and I are heading to Scotland for 10 days on a self-driven road trip. 

Now you may be wondering two things:

1. Uh... how does this effect me? 


2. Can you take me with you!?


Well my friends...

1. If you're looking to buy from my shop - shipping times have been GREATLY extended.

This means - orders will not go out until I return, so if you order after September 21, your order will be in the mail October 9 (the Monday is a holiday in Canada so no post). 

You can however order all the digital downloads you please! These will still auto-download for you. 

And although I will have access to my email - my response time may be slightly delayed. 


2. I may not be able to take you with me physically - sorry about that - BUT I can take you digitally!

Click here to follow me on Instagram so you can take in all the splender that is Scotland. 

I plan on updating my InstaStory often. 


Now that you're in the know - PLEASE contact me if you have any questions or concerns and I'll see ya later!






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Jul 25, 2020

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