How I Prep For My Craft Shows With Free Printable Checklist

I remember when I started to do craft shows, I felt nervous and confused. What should I bring, how do I prepare, how can I maximize profits? All of these questions were racing through my head. 

Even if it isn't your first craft show, they can often be quite stressful if you aren't organized or don't feel as though you are ready. 

To mark the beginning of the Spring craft show, I have written how I personally prep for craft shows, left a link to my new Ultimate Craft Show Templates and as a thank you am giving you my Show Checklist for Free, yup you read that right, free.

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So let's jump into it.


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1. Once You Get Accepted

You've found a craft show, you've applied and wahoo! you've been accepted, now it's time to get the ball rolling. 

The first thing you will need to do is pay your booth fee, many shows will have a date to do this by to hold your spot. Each show will have different rules on how to pay so be sure to read carefully. 

Once you have paid and sealed the deal - mark it down on your calendar. This will be the date you will use to work backwards and start getting ready. Depending on what you sell and your stock levels, a timeline will be the key to success as you move forward. 

2. Get Yourself Organized

Once I know I will be attending a show I sit down and start organizing myself. What I will need, what I want to bring, should I make more of this? Do I need to order any supplies? When should I let people know? 

All of this can seem very overwhelming and I recommend starting with our Craft Show Templates. These templates can help you organize your thoughts and get going. These are templates I personally use at every show and would be lost without them.

3. Determine How Much Stock You Need

Determining the amount of stock you will need isn't necessarily a perfect formula and depending on what you sell can be dramatically different. 

My biggest tip would be make sure you have enough stock to make a profit. If there is a booth fee, you will want to be sure what you are selling covers that and also provides you with some income. 

I also recommend trying to bring as much as you can with you, without straining and running yourself dry. 

For me - with pins and prints - I bring about 5 to 10 of each design and over 10 variations each. 

Once you know how much you'd like to bring - you may have to get making. Our Manufacturers schedule can help you make sure you finish everything on time.

4. Get Your Supplies

Since you are selling in person there may be a few items you simply don't have. 

Be sure to have an ample supply of business cards to hand out to each customer as well as potential customers. 

I also recommend getting some plastic or kraft bags so if someone buys your items they have a way to carry it around. 

A thank you postcard with a percentage off their next purchase is also a great idea to have them coming back to your online shop.

For my fellow Canadians, my personal favourite supply provider are Clear Bags & Uline.

5. Build a Display

We all know online pictures and our website speak volumes and attract customers, it's the face of the products and our business - at a craft market, this is your display. 

Depending on what you sell you can set-up your display in a variety of ways - but my biggest tip is use your space wisely and don't forget to utilize vertical space. Most craft shows you will have a 6 or 8 foot table and this can be a tad bit tricky to display everything you want to sell. 

Let me know if you would like to see an entire post on ideas to building the perfect display. 

For inspiration - feel free to look at my Ultimate Guide to Craft Shows Pinterest board.

6. Promote, Promote, Promote

You have filled out all your checklists, you've got the stock, you've packed up and you think you're ready, but are you? 

Promoting the fact you are at a show can be not only a great way for people local to you to come out and meet you but can also help you connect to other customers in the area. 

By advertising, at a craft show, you open yourself up to a wider customer base thanks to their own advertising. 

Good ways to advertise are: 

  • Instagram Posts/Stories
  • Facebook Posts
  • Adding the event to your Facebook page
  • Adding the event to Etsy Local
  • Write a blog post about it
  • Send out a newsletter

These are just the ways I personally advertise myself - but there are endless ways you could go about it depending on you and your market. 


Show checklist for craft shows sitting ont able.

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