Finding Out My Ancestry (+ a freebie!)

One of the things I wanted for Christmas was an Ancestry DNA kit. I had started to build my family tree on the website and wanted to take a DNA test to see if I was one - following the right leads, and two - if what my family told me was correct.

A few weeks back - my results were in! I was so ridiculously excited to read the results - although they weren't surprising.

  • 73% - Great Britain
  • 13% Ireland/Scotland/Wales
  • 9% Europe East
  • 2% Finland
  • 2% Europe West
  • 1% Caucasus
  • <1% Scandinavia

Now I took this time to make a few freebies for all of you to celebrate a few of the higher percentages in my ancestry. These feature; a Scottish Thistle, an English Rose, and an Irish Clover. All in a ready to print - 8x10!

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Psst... I also threw in the phone backgrounds that can be found on our Instagram Story - cool right?!


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