Crossing An Item Off The Bucket List

Ever since I was a little girl I had always wanted to go horseback riding but never had the chance to... until recently.

As a very belated birthday gift - I was treated with the opportunity to go to a ranch near where I live to go on an hour long trail ride. I was a mix of excited and nervous. Now I wasn't nervous of the horse itself - I've always loved horses and had an understanding of their power and in turn I would respect them and give them their space. I was nervous for the fact I had simply never done it before. I tend to always get a bit nervous prior to doing something I have never done.

But the day arrived - I got onto the horse, her name was Sienna, and listened carefully to the instructions given to me by the lead riders.

The trail itself was absolutely lovely - typical back woods Ontario trail, full of green. My horse didn't want to trot, ever, but I managed to learn how to get her going and we began to have a nice little bond.

After the ride I came away feeling two things - one I wanted to do it again absolutely! and two I felt so thrilled to have crossed something off my bucket list!

Share with me something you have crossed off your bucket list lately.

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